About UFL




United For Liberty Alaska works together with various groups, organizations, political parties and individuals to protect each others right to life, liberty, and property. We serve as a think tank to develop, promote, and publish information and educational materials that support general interests over special interests.  We highlight promising efforts across Alaska to incorporate these principles into law and public policies. We support candidates who embrace these goals.


Our local, state, and federal government will once again prosper when we balance our budgets, provide a sound currency, and insist that our constitutional rights are not infringed. This and the next generation will realize a higher quality of life when we have replaced government over-regulation with increased personal responsibility. We support real leaders who stand for ALL constitutional principles. We envision an awakened citizenry taking actions to enable liberty and responsibility with each other, and equality of opportunity for everyone, which reflects the very principles on which our great country was founded.


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