Alaska Vet Pac

Alaska Vet Pac

What is Alaska Vet Pac?

We are the political action committee for Alaska veterans.

Although we advised APOC of our existence, we were advised that since we are nonpartisan and do not give money to or endorse candidates for public office, AKVETPAC does not need to register as a PAC with the state.  That doesn’t mean we are not active – we are very active both in session and between sessions.

Ric Davidge is the Chairman of AK VET PAC as well as its founder and was a founding member of United for Liberty.  Ric has an extensive state and national reputation on National Defense and Veterans Issues and has advised mayors, state legislators, governors, and Members of Congress on Veteran specific legislation.  Ric recently received a State Citation from the Alaska State Legislature for his years of work on behalf of veterans in Alaska and was also awarded a National Commendation Medal by the Viet Nam Veterans of America for his work as the National Chairman of Government Affairs and an active member of the National Conference of State Council Presidents for VVA.

If you want to know what is going on in Juneau on veterans issues, Ric is who you call.  He initiates and participates in the development and passage of legislation in Juneau often.

The best way to contact Ric is by email at  or call him at 907 229 5328

Alaska legislation now being supported or watched by AK VET PAC are:

HJR 19 – Base F-35 Aircraft at Eielson AFB

HB 212 – Driver’s Licensing Exemption: Military (spouses)

HB 223 – Muni Tax Exemption:  Mil Facility Zone

HB 255 – Unmanned Aircraft Systems

HB 313 – Providing for a consideration of PTSD and/or TBI as a consideration by a judge in certain crimes

HJR 21 – Military Retirement Benefits

HJR 25 – Viet Nam Vets:  Service-Related Diseases (Agent Orange) in support of federal legislation

SB 141 – National Guard ID & Vehicle Fees

SB 143 – Home/Community Based Care:  Military

SB 145 – Vet’s Retirement/Loans/Housing/Employment

SJR 20 – Military Sexual Trauma -  Advocating to take MST out of the Chain of Command and provide for a separate system for investigation and prosecution (Congressional Action)

SJR 21 – Veterans Health Administration Policies

If you are interested in these or other bills in the AK State legislature or in Congress that are of interest to AK Veterans or service members and families, please contact Ric









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