The Alaska Republican Assembly is the conscience of the Republican Party.  We fully support the Republican Party Platform such as school choice and limited government.  We support honesty and integrity and are loyal to freedom principles as opposed to just the continuity of political power.

The Alaska Republican Assembly (AKRA) Mission

The Alaska Republican Assembly is the tent that covers the conservative wing of the Republican Party.  We believe that all personal rights emanate from God and therefore are unalienable by human institutions.  We are staunch defenders of the United States Constitution.   We support the core American values of life, liberty, property and privacy.   We believe that every individual should be free to achieve the American dream by the sweat of his own brow.   In furtherance of that aim, we believe in the least amount of government consistent with an organized society because the unrestrained growth of government is the single greatest internal threat to our freedom and the Constitution.

As Alaskans, we believe one of the most important elements in our environment is the ability to make a living and feed our families.  We support the development of our natural resources.  Our goal is to make Alaska fully economically self-sufficient and wildly prosperous – fulfilling the prescient dream of Secretary of State William H. Seward who negotiated Alaska’s purchase from Russia in 1867.

It is time for Alaska to become a role model for freedom and prosperity in the country.  It is time for us to go from a net-dependent of federal money to a net-contributor.  In short, it’s time for Alaska to lead north to future.  Our time is here.  Our time is now.  Join us for a new sunrise and morning in Alaska!

In a self-governing society everyone must participate or a small minority of professional politicians will govern and do so without reflecting the core values of the grass roots.  “We the people,” means “we the individuals.”  All God given rights belong to the people and emanate upward.  We the people must now get involved at the grassroots level or we will continue to drift towards a centrally planned bureaucratic state.

The American dream does not reside in government institutions made with human hands.  It burns in the human heart just waiting to be released.  Our mission is to release that dream.






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