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The Alaska Libertarian Party

The current  executive board is:

Rob Clift ~ Chair

Michael Chambers ~ Vice- Chair

Cean Stevens ~ Secretary

Karen Robinette ~ Treasurer

Ceezar Martinson ~  Membership

Terrence Shanigan~ Communications

Randy Stevens ~ Funding

If you would like to have more information regarding the Alaska Libertarian Party, please go to:

We encourage all citizens to register Libertarian and get involved in promoting the principles of our party.

We are becoming much more active and our popularity is growing constantly. The recent election cycle witnessed

the ALP as the second highest vote getting party in the governor’s race which qualified us to place two members on the APOC board.

Mark Fish has recently been seated on the APOC board.

For additional questions, contact Chair – Rob Clift at: (907) 748-5650

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