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APF pursues this vision by conducting timely, relevant and accurate research and providing free market, Alaskan solutions in the most effective means possible to policymakers at the state and local level.

  • We believe that individual freedom and private property are inextricably linked.
  • We believe that government should be limited, transparent and accountable.
  • We believe in responsible, sustainable development.
  • We believe that free markets offer better solutions than government planning.

We are the only conservative policy center in Alaska and we do not take grants from any government entities.


Alaska Policy Forum Digs into Alaska Capital Budget

Have you ever wondered where the state spends all the money in its capital budget?  It takes a lot of effort and time to dig into the details of this year’s budget to find out who gets what.  Remember what our elected officials in Juneau say, “we’re cutting spending to the bone, all the fat’s gone”?  That’s not an exact quote, but you get the picture.  How about this: “I didn’t know it was this tough to cut spending”?  Well, when we all have to pay a state income tax, a state sales tax, and have no Permanent Fund Dividend check coming in, it should be much easier.  That is, unless it’s an election year!

Here are just a few examples of unnecessary spending as we see it:

  • $300,000 for an ice machine in Pelican (87 people live here)
  • $45,500 for a fully equipped police car in Seldovia (3 miles of paved roads)
  • $1,000,000 to Alaska Mobility Coalition, nonprofit (to get Alaskans out of their cars)
  • $400,000 for concourse C flooring renewal in Ted Stevens Airport (we just built this thing)
  • $600,000 for Statewide air quality public education(to tell us how clean our air is)

There are many others on our website with references to SB119, the capital budget. Take a look for yourself and tell us what you think. Here is the link:




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