Citizen’s Initiatives

Citizen’s Initiatives is a grassroots organization. Our Director is Charles Kacprowicz from North Carolina. Charles works with his Directors to advance Article V “Single Issue” Amendment Conventions through State Legislatures, bypassing Congress, the Courts and Executive Branch. He has been an Article V advocate for 41 years. During the last 7 years his focus has been to convene “Single Issue” Amendment Conventions to restore America’s Constitutional Republic and heritage.

Our primary web site is The site is a valuable history of Article V and contains several valuable historical links pertaining to Article V and the Constitution.

This 2016 session in the Alaska Legislature, we passed the Application for the Countermand Amendment and the Countermand Amendment Delegate Resolution. We have other States, PA as well as others whom have or are introducing the same two resolutions. Alaska is leading the way, not only in this amendment, but by passing with support by the Democrats. The Application in the House passed with 7 Democrats, the Delegate Resolution 4 and in the Senate with 2 Democrats supporting. As things stand today, Citizen Initiatives is the only organization to get passage of an Article V amendment with bipartisan support.

Our primary focus is to follow Article V which gives the States the right to make application to the Congress for an Amendment convention for the purpose of proposing single issue amendments. We advocate a single amendment process with clearly defined methodology which is the application by the State Legislatures of the Countermand Amendment, the approval/resolution of our proposed Countermand Amendment, then defining the convention rules by passing the Delegate Resolution, which includes the Countermand Amendment. This Delegate Resolution ensures that Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution of the United States guarantees to every State a Republican form of government that gives each State equal standing when calling for a Federal Amendment Convention, in point of fact it is the first section of the resolution. This Delegate Resolution when passed by 26 or more States, along with the call for an amendment then not only ensures that the State Legislatures are the deliberative body but that the delegates are bond to the legislature. With 26 States or more, then the majority of the States rule as to running a safe, predictable and successful convention.

Our major difference from other Article V organizations is that we not only have a proposed written call, but that call is for that of a named amendment, vs that of topics (Convention of States). In addition, unlike Convention of States (COS), we don’t stop at the call. We have written proposed amendments, ranging from Countermand, State Sovereignty and States Rights, Balance Budget, energy, health care choice, legal immigration, unborn child and traditional marriage to name a few. We have a Delegate Resolution for each amendment.

We believe that is is imperative that State Legislators must not abdicate their Article V sovereignty to delegates at a Convention. This is why we have the delegate resolution which ensures State Legislative control of the Delegates and with the pre-approved written amendment that the delegates must vote for. No delegates under the Delegate Resolution may change the amendment, nor write another amendment, that will be in violation of their oath and result in immediate recall in disgrace!

So, if you are tired of a Federal/Central Government that is out of control, not responsive to the States and We the People, want to regain our individual rights, liberties and freedoms to We the People and the States, come join us. Feel free to contact me at to volunteer.

Mike Coons

National Legislative Director, Citizen Initiatives

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