Accountability Alliance Alaska

Accountability Alliance Alaska is  WE THE PEOPLE

Down to earth Alaskans who want to do something to help our country along according to basic moral and ethical standards. We are non affiliated politically. We find each other in grocery store lines, doctor’s office waiting rooms, coffee shops, pumping gas, spectating at events, strolling through museums, walking our dogs, hiking a trail, shopping in department stores, riding on buses, glacier viewing, fishing by the bay, dining out, blogging online, attending church services, posting on facebook, anywhere a conversation can be had, we find each other and the dialogue begins.  We come from many persuasions but have decided to get involved at a local, state or national level by way of educating ourselves and purposing to speak out, ask questions, use our gifts and talents to establish our rapport with each other and come together for the good of our community and country.  Bringing back the good old days when neighbors would talk across a fence, have a block party or bbq.  A chance to look each other in the face and have eye to eye contact and bring back the spirit of We The People in relationship. Our country has lost some of its foundations and this is a way to bring us back together.

Lively conversation on Resurrection Bay while enjoying the beauties of Alaska

Lively conversation on Resurrection Bay while enjoying the beauties of Alaska

We see accountability from all angles and at all levels. Our common denominator is the study of the U.S. Constitution and our preferred political party or group affiliation rules and by laws. America can be rebuilt from the grassroots up but only with each other’s help and dedication. Visit our Facebook page and be encouraged to get active.

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