As we sit and watch the deterioration of America into a fascist police state, our culture spiraling into a fetid sewer and our representatives wringing their hands in helplessness or indifference, the people, or those purporting to speak for them, are trying to muster the initiative to do something about it.

Aside from a grass-roots penitential revival of fasting, sack-cloth, ashes and other forms of sincere mortification that only Jonah might inspire, I don’t think the proposal of a Constitutional Convention would do anything but hasten the downfall of the last vestiges of constitutional government in America.

The so-called “Liberty Amendments” are yet another trick to send energy, resources and hope into a black hole. I have seen this work for forty years with things like the National Rifle Association and the National Right to Life Committee. While the Left demonizes these organizations, they actually play a vital role for them. They occasionally take a trick here and there, but the net effect is to do what Montana legislator Rick Jore once said: “Their purpose is to lose as slowly as possible.”

The Liberty Amendments are at best useless. They are at worst a Trojan Horse. Let me explain carefully.

First of all, the very act of proposing these amendments demonstrates a fundamental constitutional ignorance, for the desired safeguards already exist. Let’s offer some examples, starting with the reigning in of the federal judiciary. Article III, Section 2 already permits Congress to do so. The overthrow of the Constitution which commenced with Marbury v. Madison in 1803 — emphasis: 1803 — could be snuffed out as easily as a candle by Congress, if the states and the people had the will to demand it.

How about repealing the 17th Amendment? If they did their research, they would find that the 17th, 16th and 14th amendments were illegally ratified, in utter violation of Article V. It’s not rocket science. Books, state archives, speeches from the floor of Congress, and websites all have been able to demonstrate this. Look it up … and that requires more than just an internet scan.

Next, there is limiting taxing and spending: proposing a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) is like putting a drunkard in charge of an AA group. This amendment calls for a limit in the Gross Domestic Product to be encumbered for spending, and other arbitrary and nonsensical limits. It actually recognizes the legality of the Marxist-inspired income tax, and wants to limit it to fifteen percent.

But a BBA already exists, and it is called the 10th. It is the most cheerfully ignored and misunderstood of all the amendments, and the very fact that alleged conservatives want a BBA demonstrates either an inexcusable ignorance, or worse, comes from people who know that this would place into the Constitution a permanent chain to enslave us to the socialist programmers.

Another of the proposed “Liberty Amendments” would legalize state nullification. We don’t need to. The power already exists, and it is being rediscovered here in Alaska, in Missouri, Wyoming, Montana, Oklahoma, many other states — even on the east coast.

Aside from these and many other critiques that a brief column cannot delve into, there is the problem of a constitutional convention, where the sky is the limit. The socialists and statists, permitting token opposition, would unquestionably control the proceedings. It could do anything it wanted: how about an American royal family? A dictator-for-life? An end to sheriffs or common law? A permanent and standing army? Anyone who tells you that a con-con could be limited in scope ignores what happened in 1787, when the con-con promised that the Articles of Confederation were meant to be merely improved.

After all the lies we have heard, such as “Read my lips: no new taxes”, or “I did not have sex with that woman”, and “You can keep your doctor and current health-care plan”, are we such chumps? Someone must think so.

Read the Constitution and you will see that the guarantees for liberty, gun rights, states’ rights, search warrants, etc. already exist … yet are violated in myriad ways on a daily basis by the IRS, TSA, NDAA, EPA, ad nauseum, ad infinitum. What could possibly make anyone think that new and redundant amendments would suddenly and magically be obeyed and respected? We might as well enjoy tea with the Mad Hatter.

It can be reasonably argued that this entire con-con idea is a surreptitious attempt by the forces that see America awakening, want to halt the mending that is already on-going, and lead us into yet another dead-end — or worse, off a cliff.

Our salvation lies in a spiritual and local mechanism: a spiritual one to enable God to blow the fog from our brains about what is happening, and a re-discovery that freedom is best preserved by local control.

“In God We Trust ” must commence. Not the government. Not the people. Not the talk-show hosts.

But for that, each man must look into his own soul.


Bob Bird

Nikiski, Alaska




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